Hair Wrap – Microfiber Bath Towel Hair Dry Cap (Assorted) (1 Pc)

Running late because of hair wash? Don’t let the water drip around your house after a hair wash. Wrap your hair with this microfibre hair wrap. It will hold your hair up until you start getting ready. This microfibre hair wrap helps to secure your hair after a shower and avoid the water dripping all around the room and house. The microfibre hair wrap is gentle on your hair. It is a great way to take care of your hair soon after a hair wash. It is a must-have bathroom accessory for all girls. This microfibre hair wrap fits perfectly for short to medium hair. You can also put on a hair mask and wrap this around your head to avoid the mask or water from dripping. Put on a face mask and enjoy your self-care Sundays.
1. Bow down and place the hair-drying wrap over the back of your head.
2. Place your hair into the triangular section and twist gently.
3. Take the loop and tie it around the button end on the back of your head.
Voila! Now you can move around the house freely without worrying about the water dripping. This hair wrap is perfect for girls living in rentals, PGs, and hostels. This hair wrap is lightweight making it perfect for carrying on vacations or weekend gateways. It comes as a single piece. Country Of Origin: China.
L:57cm X B:23cm / 40gm

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