Multipurpose Hanging Shower Caddy Shower Organizer

If your bathroom is too small for shelves with a lot of depth, add extra storage by placing a tray!Extend a customized vanity to float next to the bathtub as a shelf. This stand will make the perfect storage space for all your toiletries and soap. It also has two hooks to stand your loofah, body brush or hold your hand towels. It is a compact stand that adds space in the bathroom or any space, all you need to do is just hang this rack on the wall with a screw or nail. It is water-proof, rust-proof and durable.Ideal storage solution for holding detergent bottles, washing powder, bleach etc. in your laundry & wet area. It can also be used in kitchen to hold spice jars, oil bottles, masala boxes, ketchup, condiment cans and in the bathroom to store shampoo, oil, lotions, cream, cosmetics, toiletries etc.It comes as a single piece.
Country of origin: China.

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Dimensions 26 × 10 × 46 cm

Stainless Steel