Corner Rotating Multipurpose Shelf With LED Light (Assorted)

Extra space is always welcomed!Install this rotating shelf wherever you need some extra storage space. It is a unique product that allows you to add storage to any corner by using a very minimum space. This shelf rotates a full 360°, giving you easy access to everything you place on the circular turntable. It is water proof making it durable and strong. It has two adjustable hooks at the bottom that can be used to hold or hang certain things.How to install:1. Make sure to thoroughly clean the surface where shelf will be installed.2. Stick the pressure pads on the surface.3. Push the rotating shelf against the knobs on this pads and attach it correctly.4. Let it sit for an hour and you are good to go.Use the instant hang cabinet organizer as a revolving pantry shelf to arrange your spices, condiments, and vitamins. You can even use it as fridge organizer. Use as a shower shelf holder for storing shampoo, conditioner, body wash, srubs, face wash, and body soap. You can also use it as a medicine cabinet organizer for all your pill bottles, perfume, makeup, and more.It comes as a single piece in assorted color
Country of origin: China.

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Dimensions 26 × 26 × 6 cm