Standing Glass Washer Double Sided Bristle Brush Scrub with Suction Base (1 Pc)

Always have soap bubbles fly all over you while washing the glasses and coffee mugs. Well, our glass cleaner is here to keep your glasses, coffee mugs, and you clean. This glass cleaning brush features thick bristles and can clean a variety of cups and bottles like beer bottles, vases, coffee pots, etcThere are three suction cups on the bottom of the brush letting you mount it with ease and eliminating unnecessary drilling.Just mount the cleaner on the wall, insert the cup or glass and roll away.The bristles on the inside and outside will perfectly and softly scrub the mug and glass giving you newer looking crockery everytime. The vertical glass cleaner can be fixed on the wall or connected to the bottom of the sink for easy use and cleaning.It is easily removable making it convenient for cleaning.Country Of Origin: China.
L:17.5cm X B:12cm / 200gm

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