Silicone Water Faucet (1 Pc)

Annoyed with the rapidly flowing water that easily sprays out of the sink? This faucet extender is perfect for your overflowing water woes. It can be used for kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, or laundry rooms. Its handy flexible sprayer is 5 inches long and it provides a 360-range of motion with the tap, so you can easily turn up or turn down and get even water flow. You can attach it to the kitchen tap head, and you can rotate the faucet head as per your requirement! It is also easy to clean, unlike other tap heads. This faucet has an innovative design that requires low maintenance and yet is efficient. The material that makes up this product is also durable so you can be sure that it will last for many yeaIt is sold individually and is available in assorted colors.Country of Origin: China
Dia:3in X L:5in / 33gm

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ABS, PVC Plastic