Stainless Steel Pot Side Clips Anti-scalding Spoon Holder (Assorted)

Avoid burning your fingers while picking the spoon from the cooking pot. Simply place your spoons in this clip to access the spoon fast and not burn your hands. Clip this spoon rest on the saucepan and place your cooking spoon in it. It’s the perfect way to keep your cooking spoons in the cooking pot without them getting hot. This also helps drip the sauce back into the pan giving you a clean kitchen counter every time. The compact clip features an arced slot to hold the handle of a cooking spoon, turner, spatula, or ladle. This spoon rest clip fits all universal-sized saucepans and pots. It can be used at home, farmhouses, restaurants, hotels, or cafes. It is compact and heat resistant.It comes as a single piece in assorted coloCountry of Origin: China.
L:5cm X B:5cm X H:7.5cm, 55 g

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Silicone, Metal