Stainless Steel Anti-Scald Heat Resistant Pot/ Pan Holder And Lifter (Assorted) (1 Pc)

Lifting the hot pans, vessels, and double-boil bowls are now easy with our angular hot pan lifter.The gripper handle will firmly lift the vessel without slipping or dropping. It is portable and easy to store in your drawers or hooks. You can lock the handles together while storing.This hot pan lifter, gripper, and clipper are designed to lift hot pans, bowls, or plates from stoves, ovens, pressure cookers, or double boilers easily.The angular design is different from regular hot vessel holders making lifting hot vessels, bowls, and pans in one go and avoiding burning accidents.It can be used to remove hot pans, bowls, or plates, from the stove, steam pots, pressure cookers, double boilers, or oven.It can be used at home, canteens, farmhouses, restaurants, or hotels.It comes as a single piece in assorted colors.Country of origin: China.
L:16.5cm X W:4cm

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Stainless Steel, Plastic