Sink Organizer Corner Tray (Assorted) (1 Pc)

A good and compact sink strainer for your house!Made of thick material, this sticking organizer comes with suction pumps at the bottom that sticks on the surface. The hold and the grip of this sink organizer is firm and have good load capacity making it safe and durable. There is no need of any drills or punch to install. There is hole section that drains away all the water from the sponges and scrubbe This hole allows the scrubbers and sponges air dry quickly. The triangular design fully makes use if the space on the sink or wall allowing more space for your kitchen.It can hold all your dishwashing soaps or gel, scrubbers and sponges, cleaning brush, etc.It comes as a single piece in assorted color
Country of origin: China.

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm