Silicone Toilet Cleaning Brush (Assorted Colour) (1 Pc)

Are you fed up with the old toilet brush which ruins the look of the sleek bathroom? Our toilet brush is small and compact in size and perfect for your bathroom. With this toilet brush, your bathroom will look clean and give you a pleasant cleaning experience! The toilet bowl cleaner brush is durable and flexible which reaches all areas, even under the rim. The brush head leaves no scratch on the toilet surface after every use, which is more friendly than those traditional brushes and the wide bristle space on the brush head can be rinsed clean easily, which helps to improve your cleaning experience. It comes with a holder to store the brush when not in use. This holder has space at the bottom to drain away the water and let it air dry.It comes as a single piece in assorted colors.Country Of Origin: China.
L:5in X H:12in / 250gm

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