Mini Magnetic Attachable Laundry Cloth Drying Rack (1 Pc)

Extra space wherever you need!This magnetic drying rack is a great product that creates rack anywhere and everywhere needed. It is made from heavy duty stainless steel and magnet that makes it durable and strong. It is heat resistant, moisture resistant and rust-proof. It can be attached on any magnetic surface and make some extra space to dry your laundry. The stand features multiple stands to dry your apparel, intimates, and other cloth items within the comfort of your home.How to install: 1. Connect the stand with the rods using the holes.2. Attach both ends of rods with both pieces of stands.3. Stick it on a magnetic surface and your are good to go.Efficiently drying the socks, towels, scarf, shoes or other small delicate items. Applicable For Washing machine, Refrigerator, balcony, windowsill, fence, guardrail, corridor, laundry room, bathroom, garden or wherever you go.It comes as a single piece.Country of origin: China.
L:52cm X B:26cm X H:5cm

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Stainless Steel and Magnet