Frying Pan Oil Splash Cover (Asorted) (1 Pc)

Love cooking but hate cleaning the greasy walls because of oil splatter. Then our oil splash cover is a must-have kitchen gadget. This cover features three unhinged panels that can be folded and placed as per your preference over the stove or induction cooker. They create a shield around the stove, saving the kitchen walls, platform, or stove surface from splashes of oil, and grease. Thus saving your cleaning time and also keeping you away from hot splashes. This anti-splatter shield is lightweight and easy to clean. It can be folded and kept when not in use. This frying pan oil splash cover is made from durable, aluminum material. It is heat resistant.It can be used when frying koftas, bhajis, fish or while cooking vegetable, Chinese, or other snacks.The product includes one frying pan oil splash cover. Country of origin: China.
Big – L:15.4in X B:33.1inSmall – L:12.8in X B:33.1in

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