Foil Balloons – Happy Birthday (Multi Colour)

Foil balloons with tubes are a fancy party supply that adds a glamour effect to your excellent party décor. The pack contains 13 foil balloons. The balloon is made of latex then it is coated with foil on all the sides to give a shiny and glamourous effect. These balloons are usually used for party decorations because they act as a reflector. The balloons reflect the light present in the room, making the lighting more glossy. The balloon with foiling is an apt party supply for birthdays. Alphabet balloons included are 2 pieces of [H, A, P, Y] and 1 piece of [B, I, R, T, H, D]. The balloons are air-filled. The length of each alphabet is 14 inches. Country of Origin: China.
L:25in X B:35.5in X H:0.1in | W:70g

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