5 Slots Multipurpose Cloth Hanger (Assorted) (1 Pc)

Multi-functional magic hanger for your homes!This magic hanger is a folkdable hanger that is extremely space saving and easy storage option. This hanger has two hooks which can be hanged or released as needed. Each hanger has 5 slot hangers which are designed in a way that once any cloth is hanged, it wont slip or come out when stationery. One side of the hanger has a slant angular cut which allows easy and convenient hanging of clothes. How to use:  Push in the cloth from the slant cut and then hang it from the other side. Hang 5 clothes together and pull out one end of the hanger to slide it.This helps in saving a lot of wardrobe space and allows you to hang multiple clothes together and keep your cupboard organized and clean. You will never have to struggle to organize or search for your clothes in the wardrobe anymore.It can be used to hang shirts, t-shirts, denims, trousers, dresses, kurta, etc. The two knob-like element on the hanger allows you to hang inners, camisole, slip, etc. Also the slant cut can be used to hang ,matching scarfs or belts.Tip: It can used to hang all the clothes needed for the next day and save time while getting ready.It comes as a single piece in assorted colors.Country of origin: China.
L:18cm X B:1cm X H:12cm

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