4 Grids Fridge Storage Box With Lid

Save space and store more! These fridge storage boxes can be perfectly stacked up each other saving you lots of fridge space. These fridge storage boxes feature 4 slots so you can store multiple foods together.  You can also carry it to your office as a lunch box. Carry 4 different things in one box instead of carrying 4 different boxes which makes your office bag light and saves space.These boxes are perfect for home, office pantry, hostelers, PGs, renters and people or couples living alone. The transparent feature makes it easy to spot what is stored inside. These boxes are perfect if you like to meal prep and store your meals, cut vegetables, diced meat, mushrooms throughout the week. You can also store your Diwali sweets that require refrigeration, with 4 slots your sweets will not mix.  These fridge storage boxes can also be stacked vertically on the fridge side door.  These boxes feature a flat design that is easy to stack and store. It can be stored horizontally and vertically to save space.  .It comes as a single piece. Country of origin: China.
L:21cm X B:15cm X H:3.5cm

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