2 Grid Multipurpose Cereal Container Storage Dispenser

Prepping for breakfast without spilling?! That’s a dream come true. Our multipurpose dispenser is perfect to store rolled oats, pulses, and grains and get them quickly without spilling. We all don’t like cleaning up that mess.This multipurpose storage dispenser is perfect for your store your grains, pulses, snacks, coffee, cereals, oats, rice, whole wheat, etc.This grain dispenser has two compartments to store your favorite cereals or pulses and get them handy quickly without any mess.It is easy to fill and effortless to pour.This dispenser is perfect for homes, offices, shared workspaces, cafes, rental homes, PG accommodations, and Airbnbs.This container comes with two cups for filling, and an adhesive to stick on the walls. Please note the adhesive is not painted wall-friendly.This product includes a dispenser, two cups, and an adhesive. Country of origin: India
L:24.5cm X W:9.5cm X H:31cm

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